Kathleen Weese Owner/LMT:

A little about me and our start. My husband (Bryan) and I opened up Touch Of Tranquility Massage in April of 2008. With encouragement and support from my husband through schooling, I graduated as a massage therapist in Sept of 2005 specializing in myotherapy, neck, low back and carpal tunnel. I did not practice right away, life and kids (we have 7 between us) kept me pretty busy. I ran into one of my teachers a few months later who asked where I was working. I told him I had not started anywhere yet. He said that was a shame because I was too good to waste my talent. That it seemed to come naturally and I should do something with it. He inspired me to get started.

I then went to work at a popular spa close to my home in February of 2006. Within 1 month I was booked out 3 months in advance. I knew I did not want to stay there because I was not able to give my clients the atmosphere and attention I felt they should have. Bryan and I started looking for a place for me to rent so I could practice on my own. We could not find anything that was not in back of a hair or nail salon or that was appropriate. So we looked into opening a new place. We found the location we are currently at, it was expensive but the setting was perfect for what we wanted to accomplish. We designed the place (actually my son did the layout for us) and we did a lot of the work ourselves.

With a few setbacks and delays we finally opened in April of 2008. By then I had already been working on my own traveling from home to home since January of 2007. I had a good clientele to keep me busy. From the moment we opened the doors the business quickly grew by just reputation alone. I hired my first therapist in June of that year. She was a lifesaver I was getting way too overworked. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail; the hot towels used in the treatments and the aromatherapy all included, the high quality sheets and the beautiful surroundings. We also use only all natural products all our creams and lotions which are chemical free, better for you and our service providers.

I do not believe in charging extra for certain massage modalities like most places. I am not going to charge you extra just because you want deeper pressure after you are already in your session. We do full body massages unless otherwise requested, it gives you a total complete feeling of relaxation. I love helping people have a better quality of life. I believe massages can be therapeutic and still be relaxing. I personally train all of our service providers no matter how many years of service they have had, it assures that you will get the same quality service no matter who you see. Although not everyone is a perfect fit for you because personality does play a role so please do speak up if you are unhappy about any little detail that occurs. This is the only way we can assure you will get a higher quality service and pair you up to the best provider for your needs. We look forward to being able to indulge you in a relaxing environment and instill you with the best experience. Life Feels Good And You Should Too!
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