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unique, decadent body wrapsSouth Seas Spray Tan

Get a head start on your summer tan or extend it into winter, depending on the season, with a flawless all over spray tan. Achieve perfection in minutes! Dries instantly, non sticky, and smells amazing. This is the official spray tan for Dancing With The Stars
   $29 or
Package of 4 for $100
Package of 8 for $195
Don't have time? Try our flawless Southseas Tahitian Glow Self Tanner.

unique, decadent body wrapsTranquility Foot Treatment

Sit back, relax and give your feet a treat. Start with a luxurious foot soak. Followed with an all organic scrub from your knees to your feet along with a pumice stone for your feet, renew your tired soles. Relax and escape as your therapist melts away stress and revitalizes your senses from your feet on up with massage and reflexology. A beautiful addition to any therapy.
  20 minute: $20
*Pumice stone used is yours to keep & take home

Eco-Fin-3NEW Luxury Hand or Foot Treatment

Indulge in a warm 100% natural paraffin alternative.
Decadent anti-aging coconut oils & botanicals soothe tired muscles & joints while leaving skin silky smooth. Also great for arthritic conditions.
  Add on to any service or great on its own: $15 for hands or feet   •   $28 for both combined

Tranquility Body Scrub

spa package towels soap and towel

A great way to start off a massage or a service by itself. Exfoliate those dead skin cells to uncover that beautiful glowing skin followed by a decadent rich moisturizer to deeply hydrate your new look. We mix a custom blend of all natural ingredients made just for you and your skin type, after consultation with your therapist. We have both salt and sugar scrubs depending on what you are looking to accomplish and whether you are wanting a gentle or more aggressive scrub. An excellent prerequisite to any of our massages.
  50 minute: $65
*Add on back only to any massage: $25

unique, decadent body wrapsTreat yourself to one of our unique and decadent Body Wraps

Whether your goal is to tighten and tone the skin or are looking to lose that last couple of inches, soothe sun indulgences, yearn for that smooth touchable skin free of cellulite, add some extra nourishment or just plain and simply need some "me" time, our Eminence Organic Wraps will satisfy your desires. All Eminence Organic products are made with all-natural ingredients and compounds, including organic fruits, vegetable extracts, enzymes and herbs. The same high quality products used on the face are used. It is like getting a luxurious body facial. You will also receive a soothing peppermint scalp massage while your wrap is adding the benefits you desired.
  50 minute: $80

Herbal Cellulite Treatment Add On

This spot treatment is meant to target specific areas of cellulite to reveal a firmer, more even textured skin. Add on to any wrap to spot treat those problem areas.

Below is a list of all of the wraps we offer along with a description, but remember every one of our treatments is designed to suit YOU and YOUR skin type so feel free to let your therapist know exactly what you are looking for!

dark chocolate cherriesChocolate and Cherries Jubilee Body Wrap

* Skin softening
Experience a delicious pampering of Hungarian Cocoa and Sour Cherries that will leave your skin touchable, soft and sweet smelling! Start with a gentle berry scrub, then caress your body with a decadent wrap of chocolate covered cherries and extend the luxury with an exclusive Hungarian Herbal Mud to firm and smooth. End with an extra decadent light massage of Cherry Whip moisturizer for that extra sweet softness.

blueberry mint treatmentBlueberry Bliss Slimming Body Wrap

* Slimming, Toning, Firming
Skip the gym and indulge in our Eminence Blueberry Bliss Slimming Body Wrap instead. A delicious blend of blueberry, guava, raspberry and grapefruit will stimulate circulation and increase your metabolism so you can shed all the extra water, and improve your skins texture at the same time. This firming body treatment is rich in antioxidants which help to improve elasticity and reinforce collagen fibers to the skin. Start with a antioxidant rich nourishing blueberry scrub, then wrap in firming Blueberry wrap.Why not add the Eminence Organic Herbal Cellulite Spot Treatment a great upgrade to any body wrap. This spot treatment is meant to target specific areas of cellulite to reveal a firmer, more even textured skin. End with a luxurious massage of Blueberry Shimmer body moisturizer to highlight your new glowing skin.

chocolate truffle body treatmentChocolate Truffle Body Wrap

* Hydrating, and Nourishing, Collagen boosting
The Chocolate Truffle Body Treatment is a royal treat for the skin, a moisturizing and conditioning formulation that contains cocoa, macadamia nut oil, almond oil, ginseng, lecithin and vitamin E. This hydrating and collagen-boosting wrap also contains antioxidants which help to refresh and nourish the skin. Polish your skin with a Cranberry Pomegranate scrub. Then coated with an amazing smelling chocolate wrap it will make your mouth water. Finished up with a silky Sugar Plum massage making this an unbelievable experience!

Cucumber Mint Body Wrap

cucumber mint body treatmentTHE COOLEST TREATMENT IN TOWN!
*Soothing for Sunburns, Firming

If you're looking for a refreshing and toning body treatment, consider the Eminence Organic Cucumber Mint Body Wrap. The fresh mint in this formula stimulates the skin as the cucumber helps to revitalize, tone and nourish. So not only will you be calming sun indulgences, but you will be restoring elasticity while giving your skin a concentrated dose of anti-aging vitamins, bioflavonoids and antioxidants.

CoCo-Luscious Body Wrap

coco-luscious body treatment*Reawaken tired skin, Deep Moisturizing
Rejuvenate your skin from head-to-toe with an exfoliating body treatment of raw sugar cane granules and rich virgin coconut oils. Wrap yourself in a mango cocoon rich in enzymes to dissolve dryness, fine lines and pigmentation and finish with a luxurious full body massage of watermelon, papaya and rich virgin coconut oils to return firmness and deep moisture.

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